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New version announcement: Clarive 7.0.13

Clarive version 7.0.13 is already available.

Check the release notes here

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Can't see project releases

It worked, now I can see the new release assigned to a single project.



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Share boards with groups or make a board public

Hi Andreu. This feature is available in Clarive since version 7.0.12. Perhaps you want to check this and lots of other new features in kanbans in the newest versions.


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Problem when reading files in a manually added repo

Hi Felipe. I don't really understand exactly what you did.

The steps to add a repo to Clarive (let's suppose it's an empty one):

1.- Create the bare repo dir in the Clarive server:

git init --bare /opt/clarive/repo/my-repo.git

2.- Clone the repo somewhere else to push a first commit

cd /tmp && git clone /opt/clarive/repo/my-repo.git

3.- Commit and push an initial commit

cd /tmp/my-repo && git commit -am'Initial commit --allow-empty' && git push origin master

4.- You can now create the GitRepository CI in Clarive and run the "Create System Tags" service to create the DEV tag (and the rest of environments)

Let me know if it helped.


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Problems when upgrading

Hi Felipe,

Apologies for not replying before. When upgrading from version 6.8.x to 7.x.x you need to get a proper licence, previous one used for 6.8.x version is not valid anymore.
We will be providing an updated licence for your purposes as stated by private e-mails.

Thank you for asking!

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Blog posts from our members


Clarive SE 7.0.8 has a new exciting feature, a Read-Eval-Print-Loop, also known as a REPL.

The Clarive REPL now supports rulebook code. In fact that’s the only language available in Clarive SE. Clarive EE...

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Got a question? Ask away!

Where is git repository clone URL?

Jaime, sorry we've been really busy the last days moving the team to Google Campus and I'm afraid none was watching after the community.

The repository URL can be found in various places:

1.- In the left tree, right-click on the repository assigned to a project and select "Repo Details" in the pop up menu. You'll get the clone url among other repository information

2.- In the project administration panel (Admin -> Projects) each project that you create should show it's repository(es) with the clone url

3.- In change topics (Features, Stories, Bugfixes and Hotfixes) as soon as they are transitioned to "In Progress" a branch is created in the repository and attached to the topic. In the topic view you can see a button to copy the clone url of the repository

I hope it helped.



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