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Error when executing a command in a Docker container


I am trying to execute a command in a docker container with new docker plugin but it doesn't work.

This is the code that I am trying to execute:

rule: my test

server: cla-default-node-1
use: "Container"
task: "exec"
container_name: "youthful_mclean"
command_parameters: "pwd"

This is the exit:

Launching command: docker exec youthful_mclean pwd
STARTING remote script @localhost: 'docker exec youthful_mclean pwd '
Warning: Permanently added 'localhost' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
Error running command docker exec youthful_mclean pwd
Error in rulebook (run): Error running task * docker_task *: Error: Error running task * Docker Task *: Error running command docker exec youthful_mclean pwd

at [anon] (eval:1) preventsyield at [anon] () native strict preventsyield at [anon] (eval:89) strict at [anon] (/opt/clarive/plugins/cla-docker-plugin/init/docker-task.js:117) strict preventsyield at (eval 5) line 1956.

Can you help me?


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Error running docker image on 7.0.11 on-premise CentOS 7


Finally I solved it. It seems apparently docker wasn't installed correctly although it was installed via yum automatically. So, I uninstalled it, cleaned up user and group, added docker repos to the system, then installed docker-ce instead, and added clarive to docker group. Now it works, both from clarive enviroment and directly on centos commando line.

Thanks a lot and kind regards.

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UX feedback - Users management visualization is not clear

Thanks for your feedback. We will try to improve the screen in order to improve the UX.

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As a user, I don't want clarive-config to be a selectable project for issues

Mmmmmmmm, I think that clarive_config should be as any other project. Just imagine that you as a developer of clarive_config, develop a very complex rulebook to build and deploy a new technology and I as a developer of some other project use your rulebook (import it from clarive_config dir of a deployment job's ${job_dir}) and it fails. I'd love te be able to report a issue for that project.

In today's ClariveSE version there's only one configuration project, but the idea for the near future is that you can create new projects with a "DevOps project" flag active that you can be used privately (just your team) or publicly (all projects teams). That way you can share configurations, rulebooks, scripts, etc. among all the organization. At the end DevOps projects should be treated as any other "pure code" projects.

Anyway, users that don't have that project assigned to any role in their security won't be able to create new issues for it.

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Blog posts from our members


Clarive SE 7.0.8 has a new exciting feature, a Read-Eval-Print-Loop, also known as a REPL.

The Clarive REPL now supports rulebook code. In fact that’s the only language available in Clarive SE. Clarive EE...

Click here to see the full blog post

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Got a question? Ask away!

Folder persistent in Docker


I am trying to compile a maven project in a docker container. I need to copy a file called settings.xml in to folder named .m2 each time I run mvn.

Example: mkdir /home/clarive/.m2 && cp /clarive/mgnl/repo/mgnl-parent-ie/settings.xml

How I can do this in a more efficient way? Is there a way I define a persistant volume in clarive rulebook so I don't need to copy files each time?


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