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New versions of Clarive

We are releasing the edge version of Clarive 7 SE every evening (CET). So, if you have already downloaded and install it, stay tuned and update the product as often as you can to take advantage of the new functionalities that are being released every day.

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A place to talk about DevOps with Clarive

I’m trying to create a Kanban board for a Changeset Topic, but there only appears an empty space where the cards for the Release and other Changeset Topics should be. Do I need to configure anything?

You need to go to the associated Release Topic and create the Kanban from there. You can ascertain the Release Topic along with other pertinent information such as Status and Projects by looking in the right-hand pane, where you can also click on the link to the Release Topic. You can create a Kanban from here, which will display the Changesets (and other Topics) with which it is connected.

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Blog posts from our members

Open DevOps 2017

Open DevOps 2017: change, collaboration, improvement and much more The second edition of Open DevOps has just successfully concluded.

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